可访问性是MCLA的核心价值. 每天,我们的工作人员都会与那些有 a variety of 残疾的人 ~ providing academic support services, individualized accomodations, 自我倡导指导. 




MCLA is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to students with documented 残疾的人. 我们努力为学生提供公平的机会参加所有MCLA项目 和服务. Our philosophy and programs assist eligible students in fostering independence in college to the fullest extent possible, embracing self-advocacy, and in developing 在职业生涯中过渡和成功的技能. 我们相信残疾是一种 人类变异的自然部分和多样性的基本方面. 

The Office of 残疾的资源 provides students with individualized support services 根据残疾记录的性质. 一个无障碍的考试中心 有批准考试住宿的学生参加考试. 残疾资源亦 provides one-on-one personalized training  on general technology and on assistive 技术硬件/软件.



提供了一个 早开始走向成功 去年秋天为16名一年级学生准备的. Start Strong向学生介绍大学 campus life while diving deeper into some of the common 过渡 挑战 experienced by 第一年 students, " It is like the short, safe version of the beginning of the 第一年." Students gained a more in-depth understanding of what to expect in college and what would be expected of them, completed a formal assessment of their study habits/skills and heard tips from student leaders on how to balance school with other demands. 


尽早开始你的成功. Students will be expected to complete a series of self-paced modules built in Canvas 整个学期的前八周. 每周一次的亲自“路边”检查站  将所有的参与者聚集在一起的乐趣和活动. Start Strong计划 uses the metaphor of a road trip for getting through college’s tougher 过渡 挑战. This metaphorical road trip gives students an entirely different way to 看大学经历. 所以,拿起你的背包,跳上车,摇下车窗.                       


开始强注册 现在关门了吗. 



填写下面提供的注册表格                                                                                              上传您填妥的表格并电邮至  Disabilityresources@afghanistantourism.net     Disability  资源 will reach out and schedule a time to meet with you.  All appoIntments are being conducted in-person, by phone, or virtually (Teams) during 我们的正常办公时间是星期一至星期五,上午8:30到下午4:45.

带上最新的和全面的文件 你的残疾和你的预约.                      文件的作用如下:

  • It establishes that the student can be considered a person with a 残疾, and therefore potentially eligible for accommodations to protect against discrimination 以残疾为基础. 
  • It supplements the information the student provides regarding the barriers that prevent the student from having equal access to MCLA's programs, services and activities.
  • It informs the development of reasonable accommodations designed to remove those barriers
Sources of information used for determining a 残疾 and/or accommodations may include a student’s self-report, direct observation and interaction with the student, 和/或由合格的评估人员或专业人员提供的文件.  如果你参加了 in an individudalized education program in high school, this document can help identify the type of accommodations you may need; however, it will not suffice as proof of 残疾.                                                                                                                                                                             
Our office understands that there are a variety of factors that can impact your ability 获取文档. 我们认识到在我们的医疗保健中存在的差距 system and the systematic disparities in society at large, and that these can directly 影响学生提供残疾证明文件的能力.  请让我们 了解您是否无法访问支持文档. 你可能仍然有资格 for accommodations based on the information that you provide to us and our interactive 访谈与观察. 请注意,在某些情况下,我们可能会要求支持 住宿前的文件可以被批准. 
In this meeting, you will provide your documentation and concrete details about the 你面临的挑战/障碍. 你也会讨论住宿的类型 为了在大学里茁壮成长. 




  • 优先访问注册 
  • 备选格式材料
  • 协助记笔记
  • 考试住宿 
  • 辅助技术设备/软件

Please note that these represent some accommodations provided to MCLA students. 学生的 needs are reviewed on an individual basis and specific accommodations will reflect 每个学生.

校内住宿   对符合条件的学生开放吗.  虽然不是一个完整的清单,住房住宿 include single room, 1st floor location, a wheelchair accessible room and emotional 支持动物. 


成功的教练 provide one-on-one support to students throughout their 第一年 在MCLA.  Coaches work in partnership with students to improve academic skills, to 确定资源,并解决学业成功的任何障碍. 成功的教练 目前可通过团队或亲自访问. 如果你想加入 辅导计划请发邮件至 dpoulton@afghanistantourism.net 或致电(413)662-5314.

别忘了问一下 酪(学习 & 学习技能评估). Become more aware of your strengths and what areas you can work on to improve your 学术和学习能力. 


The Disability Resource Office provides screenings on a variety of accessible general use technologies as well as assistive technologies and software applications. 放映 provide an opportunity for students and the Disability Resource staff to review and 讨论可能有用的各种技术和软件. 放映也是 a chance to discuss any current or past 挑战 with different technology.  介绍 有关如何开始的课程可按要求提供.

An 辅助技术 (AT) Center is now open in the Mark Hopkins Computer Lab located 在111房间. The AT Center offers a variety of assistive technology hardware and software 为满足不同残疾学生的需要而设计的工具. 


Students with Disabilities Preparing for Postsecondary 教育: Know Your Rights 和责任 这份来自美国的出版物.S. 教育部,民权办公室 relevant to  any postsecondary student going to any college or university. 熟悉 with the information in this booklet as you begin to look at colleges and universities 给你的学生. 

Auxiliary 援助s and Services for Postsecondary Students with Disabilities This booklet can give you more specific information about the types of assistance that are generally available to students with 残疾的人 at the postsecondary level. 

马萨诸塞州过渡服务家庭指南, http://fcsn.org/transition_guide/english.pdf   Brought to you in partnership by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission and 特殊需要儿童联合会. 


亲爱的准学生: The Office of 残疾的资源 understands that student's rights and responsibilities 从高中到大学变化很大. 我们希望你能成功 过渡. We welcome prospective students with 残疾的人 to schedule a meeting with us to 讨论一些非常重要的过渡项目 ! We also know that students with health conditions and physical 残疾的人 are often assessing different aspects of campus life than their non-disabled peers when they 参加一次大学之旅. 他们可能会考虑:                                                                             

  • 这个校园对我方便吗?
  • 我能在校园里独立行走吗?
  • Will I be able to receive accommodations that will allow me to be successful?
  • 校园里有学生健康中心吗?


如果你有兴趣安排一个 早期的过渡 会议请致电(413)662-5314与残疾人资源联系.