Our major emphasizes hands-on experience that you can gain in a wide variety of academic and professional settings including the college radio station (WJJW)、电视及录影工作室(信标网络新闻(BWN)) and AVID editing suite, a digital production lab for film studies, the award-winning 学生报(灯塔),以及学生文学杂志(尖顶).

professor instructing students on editing equipmentA bachelor’s of arts in 通信 combines hands-on skills in digital media production with the kinds of information literacy skills that are needed to adapt to the ever-changing 21世纪的传播环境. 你将学会如何分辨强大 stories across media and how to best communicate to and engage with audiences. 你 are encouraged to explore and develop your storytelling skills, whether through writing, digital media production, television, radio,  journalism, public relations.

MCLA的报纸《灯塔》正在制作中Our program is unique in that it allows students to experience the best of what both the 通信 fields and 英语 fields have to offer. 在班级和数字 of student media outlets you will interact with your peers pursuing 英语 degrees.  你的B.A. 在英语交流 & 通讯部门会让 you be a generalist with extensive humanistic knowledge, capable of adapting your skills and talents to the demands of a number of different career paths.

你r courses in the major fall into three broad areas: foundation courses that everyone in the major takes, concentration courses that focus on your particular professional or academic interests, and electives that expand your knowledge on specific topics.



  • 大众传媒导论3学分
  • ENGL 200 Communication 研究 and Methods 3 cr
  • 媒体写作与制作3学分
  • 文学研究
    Students Choose ONE course from the following: 3 cr
    - COMM 221文学新闻学
    - engl265文学主题
    - engl270文学类型
    - (or one 200-level or above foreign language)
  • 学生们在做一个数字媒体项目语境中的媒介实践
    Students choose TWO courses from the following, one of which must be a writing course (每个3克)6克
    - COMM 205摄影导论
    - COMM 212无线电制作
    - COMM 214 Basic TV Production and Broadcasting
    - COMM 312无线电实习
    - COMM 314高级电视制作
    - COMM 321新闻编辑实习
    - COMM 323出版物设计 & 排版
    - COMM 337高级摄影
    - COMM 338新闻摄影
    - COMM 427高级新闻实习
    - ENGL 2xx any 200+ ENGL or COMM writing course
  • 在小组会议上发表演说媒体 & 文化
    Students choose ONE course from the following 3 cr
    - COMM/ENGL 3xx-4xx any upper-division literature or film analysis course
    - COMM/ engl490高级研讨会



Beyond the foundation courses shared by everyone, you select a concentration. 讨论 with your adviser which concentration best meets your interests, talents, and career 目标. Many students get the most out of their education and best position themselves for career success by choosing one or more concentrations or minors.


学生们在做作业Finally, you complete your major with additional courses that broaden your preparation. Working closely with your adviser, you choose the electives that enrich your qualifications for such career paths as digital media, journalism, media design, public relations (corporate and not-for-profit), advertising, radio or television production, technical writing, consumer relations, editing, politics, law, teaching, insurance, real estate, 还有更多.

For example, if you have a concentration in 数字媒体创新, you might choose:

  • Two courses in 公共关系 that both strengthen your concentration and broaden 你的职业选择,或者
  • Two courses in 新闻 that broaden your understanding of story-telling strategies 和数字媒体制作技术,或者
  • Two courses in Literature or Creative Writing that best suits your individual needs 和偏好,或者
  • Any combination of 英语 or 通信 courses that interest you--the choice 是你的!

你r choice of electives should follow a coherent plan, reflecting your career 目标, 扩大你在这个领域的见识.




读一读英国人的反种族主义誓言 & 通信学院


灯塔 is the weekly student newspaper of Massachusetts College 文科.


信标网络新闻(BWN) is the weekly student news broadcast of Massachusetts College 文科.


尖顶 is MCLA's student-run Literary 艺术s 杂志. 除了我们的在线平台, students publish a high quality print issue of the journal every spring semester.


WJJW (91.1 FM) is the radio station for Massachusetts College 文科. We feature a wide variety of programming, 7 days a week, from hip-hop, comedy, vaporwave, 民谣、金属等等!



Mei Craig '22 and Isabel Costa '21 spent the summer reporting on the Berkshires with the Greylock Glass, covering everything from local businesses to performing arts to 农业.


On her way to achieve her goal of a career in television broadcasting, Shadea布莱斯 2016年前往纽约.Y., where she works as a writer and an editor for Bronze 杂志. “我觉得这是一个开始. 我对我现在的位置很满意,而且将来也会 继续前进.”


作为博士的一部分. 罗珊·登哈德的《中世纪艺术 & “文艺复兴时期的英国”,同学们 explored landmark sites, visited art galleries and museums, and took in theatrical 产品. “England was overall just an amazing experience,” said Michael Masley Hannett的19. “I learned about another culture far more than I could have in a textbook 或者从一个网站.”