Office of Student Financial Services

Prospective students: When you apply to MCLA, you automatically apply for scholarships for prospective students or transfer scholarships; there's no need to complete additional applications.

Current students: The 2023-2024 scholarship process has now concluded. 请在2024年3月回来查看 2024-2025 scholarship opportunities.

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The following scholarship and scholarship 搜索 sites are not affiliated with MCLA, but are provided as a convenience.


金融援助 Search Through the WEB is the largest and most complete scholarship 在互联网上搜索. It provides access to a 搜索able database of more than 600,000 scholarships and awards totaling more than $1 billion.

College Board Scholarship Search

Discover Loans Scholarship Search

Scholarship Experts

奖学金 for Students in STEM Fields

Scholarship Opportunities for Berkshire & Taconic Students

Computer Science and Computer Engineering 学位s - A $1,000 academic award given to an undergraduate pursuing a degree in Computer 科学或计算机工程.

Liberal 艺术s and General Studies 学位s: A $500 academic award given to an undergraduate pursuing an associate or bachelor degree emphasizing Liberal 艺术s, General Studies, or Humanities.

工商管理学位: A $500 academic award given to a student pursuing a Master of 工商管理 学位.

Public Administration and Public Policy 学位s: A $500 academic award given to a graduate student pursuing a degree emphasizing Public 行政或公共政策.

Scholarship Listing

The following list of scholarships is meant to provide some additional resources for 所有的学生. We recommend that you review them carefully before applying.


The Voyager Scholarship / Obama-Chesky Scholarship for Public Service


Scholarship America


Cappex 奖学金





National Association of Black Journalists 奖学金

护理 奖学金 for 小ity Students

College 奖学金 for 小ity Students

奖学金 for Students with Disabilities

Western Governors University Scholar

Guide to 奖学金 for Computer Science Majors

ISN Skilled Trade & 科技奖学金

Affordable Colleges Online 艺术 奖学金

EEqual 首页lessness & Housing Instability 奖学金

Prestige Links Digital 市场营销 Scholarship

Joseph Schnaier Scholarship for 金融 Students

Delta Air Lines Massachusetts Emergency Student 援助 奖学金


The Go Overseas scholarships are available to students currently enrolled in or applying 出国留学项目. For details, see 留学奖学金.

You may also be interested in the 海外志愿者奖学金.