一名学生俯瞰秘鲁的山谷Whether studying abroad with one of our affiliated programs, interning in Washington, D.C., studying 走了 at a participating college in the United States, or enrolling in a faculty-led travel course, MCLA students have many options for studying 走了 从大学校园.


Students who have studied 走了 often speak of life-changing experiences in the areas of personal growth, cultural competence, and language proficiency. 销售这些 experiences will also enhance your resume as you apply for jobs and graduate schools.

欲了解更多信息,请联系 Graziana.Ramsden@afghanistantourism.net.


  • 新西兰留学生You must have completed 30 credits by the time of your anticipated departure (ideal candidates are second-semester sophomores through second-semester juniors). 特殊的 approval must be granted for study 走了 during your final semester at MCLA.
  • Eligible transfer students should complete at least one semester at MCLA before applying to any program, with the exception of 全国交换生. 请注意 you must have junior status to participate in 华盛顿中心.
  • 你的平均成绩必须在2分以上.5 in order to apply for any program (but GPA requirements 个别项目有所不同).
    You must be in good conduct standing at the time of anticipated departure (based on a review of your disciplinary record and current probationary status).
  • 你的账户不能有任何保留.g.,来自学生账户, Financial 援助等.)

Students should have declared a major in advance of any study 走了 applications to 方便选课. 请注意: MCLA reserves the right to cancel a student’s travel plans if one or more of the requirements 埋头苦读不再满足.

  1. 意大利留学生探索你的选择. 研究MCLA所有的study 走了项目:

    海外国际研究中心 国外(CIS)

    海外国际研究 (ISA)

    留学教育网 (TEAN) – An affiliate of ISA for programs in Asia Pacific

    海上学期 (SAS) – Travel by sea (with classes on board) to destinations around the world

    全国交换生 (NSE) -到美国参与大学交换学生.S. 及其领土或加拿大

    华盛顿中心 (TWC) – An intensive internship program in Washington, D.C.,包括就业工作坊, 网络和学术课程

    MCLA旅游课程 – An option for students who may not want to commit to a full semester 走了 from 校园. Short-term, faculty-led travel courses take place during Spring Break each 年份(地点不同).

  2. Attend the study 走了 fairs (usually held in the fall and spring) to speak with representatives 从我们的附属公司. Watch for special information sessions on 校园 throughout the 学年. Travel Course informational meetings are typically held in the fall.

  3. Discuss your travel plans with your faculty advisor early on to determine the best semester to study 走了, based on major requirements and the locations that offer courses 你的专业. Keep in mind that you can also take core courses and electives, if 批准.

  4. 希腊学生When you are ready to apply, make an appointment with the 研究了 Advisor (visit 民政事务总署 注册/学生记录 or call 413-662-5389) to discuss the application process, program costs, and funding.

  5. Next, make an appointment with 金融援助 to learn how your 申请经济援助 to study 走了 costs and to discuss a plan for paying out-of-pocket expenses. 接受 students must also meet again with 金融援助 close to their departure date.

  6. 冰球突破 for a passport or be sure that your current passport is up to date well in advance 你计划离开的时间(如适用). 护照申请可在 你当地的邮局和网上. 您还可以在 U.S. Department of State’s Passport and International Travel 页面.

参考 学习清单 欲知详情.

Students typically apply for programs the semester before they plan to travel but 申请一开始就可以申请吗.

Deadlines for most (but not all) programs (check for individual program deadlines):

  • 3月1日秋季开学
  • 10月1日为春季
  • 暑期课程的截止日期各不相同

Study Abroad (ISA, TEAN, CIS Abroad, 海上学期)


Students apply online directly to their program of interest. 参考网站 of each program for detailed instructions, application fees, and payment schedules.


Students apply through the 研究了 Advisor, indicating their top five choices, and are entered into the NSE placement system (deadline for applications is mid-February). At the NSE Placement Conference every March, you are placed in the order of your choices (although first-choice placements are not always guaranteed). NSE的参与者 pay tuition and fees to MCLA and room and board costs directly to the host institution.


Eligible juniors and seniors apply directly to 华盛顿中心 after consultation 和他们的顾问. Faculty sponsors submit an MCLA internship application for the 学期学生将参加TWC.

英国巨石阵的学生Your MCLA financial aid covers some of the fees for your study 走了 program, but you will be responsible for any costs not covered by financial aid. 请注意, with the exception of application fees, MCLA bills students for study 走了 so that 申请经济援助.

参考 财政援助学习提示表 for more information on how 申请经济援助 to study 走了 costs.

Our study abroad affiliates offer scholarships and grants; please note that scholarship 截止日期可能早于申请截止日期.

请同时参考 留学奖学金资源 有关资助的其他选择.

In addition to documentation required by each program, students must complete and submit the following forms to the 研究了 Advisor before final approval to study 走了.

苏格兰的一名学生,手臂上有一颗子弹海外学习课程批准 – In consultation with your faculty advisor/department chair



Although study abroad programs are operating in many countries, some programs may be cancelled for the health and safety of participants—until further notice. 所有的研究 客场参赛者必须全面接种新冠疫苗. 始终检查COVID更新 on each affiliate’s website and be sure to read the cancellation policies.